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This test aims to evaluate your creative writing style, conceptualization, story-building and grammar.


Please Note:

  • The test needs to be submitted within 1 day after receiving it.

  • Before writing any copies, we suggest you kindly go through the brand links to understand their offerings, USPs and ethos and writing style.

  • We recommend candidates avoid too formal, instead, be more interactive, engaging and more social-friendly content.


Social media caption writing
Please write social media captions for the below image for three platforms - Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. While writing, please consider the context of these platforms and use an appropriate angle. Call-to-action is a must, friendly language and add at least 5 hashtags as well.

Keywords for reference: Runway view, Business stay, Spacious rooms, Delhi, Meetings.



Social media caption writing
Write 3 social media captions to promote invisible aligners. The copies need to be quirky, engaging with CTA and relatable.



Campaign Conceptualization

Suggest a campaign idea for a skincare brand to promote FACIALS during the festive season. The campaign requirement includes

Campaign Hashtag, Tagline, Campaign Idea, Engagement route and Audience segmentation


Find the errors and rewrite

Gone are the days when facial  skincare was considered only for woman. The trend of skincare products for men started flooding long time ago, still there are majority of men who still doesn’t really prefer to have skincare products as for them it’s too feminine.

Its a request to all man out there, please stop shying away from using skincare products. It is not only for women and its a big need for men, you also have rights to take care of your skin.

           Just to give little more insight on the benefits men will be having by using facial skincare, let me list down some:-

  1. It help to safeguard your skin from harmful uv rays that can leads to severe life threatening diseases.

  2. Skincare products such as facewash, face cream, scrub, will help you to feel fresh by removing all the dirts from your skin giving it a natural glow after all the tiredness you had while working hard all day. 

  3. And last but not the least, everyday will be a new fresh day for you, where you will be ready  to take all the life challenges again, since all your previous day regrets and tiredness will be washed off with the help of your skincare products.

            Its time to move away from all the old norms and start an new life ahead.

            Stay fresh everyday!


Blog Writing


Please write a blog on the topic 'Urfi Javed as a fashion Icon' - 150 words


Kindly attempt all the questions and submit them in a document at

For the e-mail subject line, please use the format Content Writer Test Submission - <Your Name>

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