This test aims to evaluate your thinking style on visual concepts, visual imagery, themes, typography, and handling of design software.


Please Note:

  • The test needs to be submitted within 1 day after receiving it.

  • The conceptualization and the logic behind will be the prime criteria for the selection.

  • In case the applicant has a better idea of improvising the copy, he/she has the liberty to do so and make adjustments accordingly. Considering, the core communication idea should not be missed.


Design type: Social Media Post

Brand: Lotus Professional

Concept: Design a social media post on the concept of ‘Must carry-summer-skincare-essentials in your handbag’. 

Ad Copy: Embrace your skin with these skincare essentials.

Products to be featured: Product 1 | Product 2 | Product 3


Design type: Social Media Video/GIF Post

Brand: Smile Aligners

Concept: Need to create a social media video post on the concept - Why do you need clear aligners to straighten your teeth?

Video/GIF Ad Copy: 

(Please use the copy in the same sequence frame-wise)

Frame 1: Why does one need aligners?

Frame 2: To treat the following health problems

Frame 3: Open Bite

Frame 4: Teeth gaps

Frame 5: Crossbites

Frame 6: Crooked teeth

Frame 7: All these problems require one solution

Frame 8: Clear aligners


Design type: Logo Design

Brand: Omnilife

Concept: Kindly redesign the brand logo basis on their ethos and services. The logo needs to be minimalist and should be easily adaptable on all types of mediums like Mobile app icons, Social media banners and display pictures, websites, print ads etc.


Kindly attempt all three tests and submit your design files at ID

For the e-mail subject line, please use the format Graphics Design Test Submission - <Your Name>