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The festive season is a time when brands center around ROI driven activities. As internet-based life has become standard to share special moments throughout one's life, individuals go to their social profiles to share their experiences during the festivities. However, as social media platforms are effectively putting forth attempts to make the period of festivities extraordinary for their users. The new-age social media platforms are emerging as a success win platform for brands and internet users by allowing brands to engage creatively with the users and allowing users to convert their talent into points that give them buying power during the festive season. Moreover, new-age social networking platforms are actively organizing unique campaigns (online and offline) that coordinate the festive spirits of its users. To understand more about how consumers feel, react, and end up buying the product or service depends on the content and conversations, businesses serve up on social media during the festive season.

  • Brands behavior: It’s not only about what types of content you post. It’s about the conversations you have with your audience. For Example Cadbury, during the Diwali season, keeps on interacting with a humane touch that gives the consumer more like a family, unity, and togetherness experience. A brand needs to remain in a positive light if they stick with content that supports their brand identity.

  • Depends on the platform: Audience preferences on the personality, brand projects on social media depends on the platform. This could have a lot to do with the types of content posted on the respective sites. The effect of a campaign hike with the platform one has used. For example: If Coca-cola’s Diwali campaign called, Share a coke this Diwali, had run on Twitter rather than TVC, it would have not gained much attention.

  • Visual Content: The thought here is that you need to evoke feelings from your crowd, ideally positive ones, which usually comes from visual content. The above-mentioned campaigns are a good example of visual content. The festive season is all about bringing happiness, positivity, and unity to the environment. At the point when brands post content that causes individuals to feel something, they're bound to need to pass that feeling along to their loved ones. For example, An engaging illustration is seen on social media from India Post (Bhartiya Dak) on Raksha Bandhan, picturizing a postman delivering Rakhi as people weren’t able to visit due to Covid-19 lockdown. There's not an individual among us who hasn't pressed the share button on the post.

Thus, it's essential to adopt a comprehensive strategy for your social media marketing. With so much competition during the festive season, people nowadays expect brands to think out of the box and post something that connects. Brands should look past simply posting usual/general content as it doesn't work at a festive time. They should consider how the content will make the audience feel and if it will elicit some kind of emotion.

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chandan singh
chandan singh
May 26, 2021

We are very grateful to you for this information and we hope that you will continue to give us similar information.

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