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Not certain what to post on Twitter? With each social media platform requiring various strategies and content, it tends to be hard to pinpoint what kinds of posts perform well on each. With regard to social networking platforms, no other social media platform has superseded the brand engagement theory as Twitter did. Coming up with interesting content ideas for tweets can be challenging for social media marketers. There is a wide cluster of Twitter marketing tools, engagement tools, and analytics tools, accessible on the web, however, none of them can be of any assistance if the content itself does not worth a reader's attention. Thus, it's important to plunge into engaging ideas for what to post on Twitter.

  • Trending topics: Twitter advances trending topics that are being highly discussed on their platform, and in some cases, it's brilliant for brands to hop on these to expand reach too. The brilliant principle of trending topics is to consistently ensure you know precisely what the trending point is about and that it's applicable to your image on the off chance that you tweet about it. You would prefer not to Tweet about an apparently blameless trending subject that is really implying a major issue and cause your image to confront backfire.

  • Polls: Twitter has built-in polling capabilities, which means asking for feedback from your audience has never been simpler. In addition, this is an incredible method to simply pose fun inquiries and perceive how the appropriate responses turn out.

  • Motivational quotes: Sharing a persuasive #quoteoftheday or #qotd is an extraordinary method to share inspiration with your crowd. Also, individuals love quotes that address them, which builds the odds that they'll Retweet it to their own feed.

  • Social media holidays: Hopping onto significant social media holidays – or even holidays/occasions that your audience celebrates – is an extraordinary method to draw in your audience.

  • Testimonials: Show evidence that people love your products or working with your business. If you have testimonials or reviews, share them on Twitter. It will build trust and people would love to see their reviews reposted.

Begin drafting and planning your new content. Build out your content calendar and monitor engagement metrics through the platform. Use them as venturing stones to develop your tweet catalog and increase your follower count and engagement.

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