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With more than 3.5 billion users, Social media is developing massively. It is presently a preferred medium for organizations to connect with their target groups.

What’s the biggest question you have about leveraging Instagram to market your business is how frequently would it be a good idea to post on Instagram? Realizing how frequently to post on Instagram can be tough, particularly when there's so a lot of conflicting advice out there.

An infographic from Adobe Spark states that you ought to post at least one photograph every day. A blog post by socialbuddy says that between one to three times per day. And afterwards, Neil Patel in an article for Forbes expresses his thoughts that "Unlike Facebook and Twitter, posting frequency is not all that important for your Instagram marketing.” With all these suggestions and advice, we know that you’re still scratching your head and wondering exactly how many times a day should I post on Instagram? But...

Is how often you post on social media important?

There are brands who've been successful posting once every couple of days, and there are others who have experienced exceptional engagement posting 12 times in step with day. It all relies upon your objective of using the medium! Was your foremost purpose to develop your following and increase your brand awareness? Well, then it’s in all likelihood to stick to the higher end of the recommended posting frequency. After all, the more content material you placed out there, the higher your chances of getting even more eyeballs. But, in case your objective became to in reality strategically promote a selected product? That may not require that equal avalanche of posts—you’d be better posting one or two notably strategic pictures in step with week instead.

While addressing how frequently you ought to post on Instagram, there’s another important factor that we couldn’t cross without citing, that is Consistency. Neil Patel also explains that in case one makes a dependency of posting several times a day and then transitions to only some times per week, he/she may begin to lose fans and generate much less engagement per post. That’s what consistency is.

After looking at the different social media accounts like Walt Disney World, FabIndia, Google, etc., We believe aiming to post approximately three images within a week is an excellent place to begin—provided that’s something you can deal with consistently and as often as you can consistently post quality content. Ensure to maintain a close eye on your metrics to decide how that number is working out for you and regulate if necessary. That’s every other top-notch element about Instagram—nothing is set in stone. Prefer your percent and stick to it, so your followers understand what to anticipate. Consistency is key to attracting and holding followers and of course, high-quality content is a must. Posting more does no longer mean your content material will be visible extra!

Distinctive social networks’ algorithms work another way, but engagement and relevance are key to all!

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