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Running a giveaway is perhaps the quickest approach to create buzz around your brand. Challenges and giveaways are interactive, and people love them, they're a chance to win something that people want or need. But before planning that, one needs to be exceptionally clear about their goals and then build a contest, offer the right prize and advance your challenge/giveaway widely. Follow these steps to run an effective contest and promote a campaign

  1. Decide Your Contest Objectives: Prior to beginning any new contest campaign, it's imperative to take the effort to set up what your objectives are. At the point when you recognize what your objectives are, you can build a contest that helps bolster these objectives and encourages you to reach them. A few contest goals are

  • Drive more traffic to your site

  • Increment buzz around your brand or new product launch

  • Create client relations/convey value to customers

  • Increase sales

  • Increase engagement on social media

  • Get user generated content (from photograph/article/video challenges)

  • Increase knowledge into well-known products

You have to know who you need to participate in your challenges, as well.

Characterize your objective market by:

  • Demographics

  • Geographic location

  • Social media usage

They'll give you a proficient method to run a contest and how you’ll market it (this is especially important if you consider using Facebook Ads to promote your contest as it will determine your ad audience).

2. Pick a Relevant Prize: The prize you offer in your challenge or giveaway is one of the most significant components that can decide the success of your contest. To get results from the ideal audience, you need a prize that will just engage your specific target audience. Ideally, your prize ought to be brand-related, just as something that your intended interest group needs.

3. Build your contest: To build a great contest, there are a few elements that can simply make your contest interesting and those are

- Eye-catching title: make it short, with clear Calls to Action. Incorporate your prize and even your business name.

- Use an interesting hashtag

- Entry details and rules: Clearly compose how to enter, and any principles you have to incorporate

- Picture: Preferably incorporate an incredible picture of your prize as the main contest photo.

- Contest details: Enter where your campaign will appear, entry methods, time frame, etc.

5. Promote Your Contest Everywhere: In order to get the most out of your contest, make sure to promote it high and wide – the more individuals participate, the better. The best ways are:

a) Send an email's impact to your rundown and let them know about your challenge and where they have to go to join (that email will most likely have the greatest open rates you've seen up until now!)

b) Advance your challenge over every social channel

6. Post-Contest Follow-Up: Pick a winner, and let them know, and let them know what they've won. This gives you one more opportunity to talk about your contest to your social connections. Also, don’t forget to address all the other participants with a Thank You note.

If the contest campaign is successful, run another one using the list you’ve used before in a few months. With each contest, you’ll likely notice that your audience size gets bigger with each contest. Especially if you continue marketing to your growing list.

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