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As COVID-19 keeps on affecting the country, brand advertisers are required to shift their approach towards smart marketing. During these difficult times, brands need to prepare for better strategies and keep customers' interests top-of-mind. Moreover, we believe it's an appropriate time to articulate your marketing visions, plan, devise and implement newer tactics and ensure their brands don't suffer from the changing mindset of its customers. Following are some of our suggestions that you and your brand could follow to make the best out of time even in uncertainties.

Level up your brand’s online presence

Now when we’ve experienced the time of uncertainties, it’s time to work on the weak points. We all believed in traditional forms of marketing and stuck to it no matter what but it's the right time to realize that only traditional marketing is not gonna work in uncertainties. Nowadays, brands that have an online presence are doing much better than the others. This starts with a detailed audit of all your digital assets from website, social media channels, email campaigns to online reputation management. Moreover, if your brand is product-based, you should definitely consider e-commerce as an equally important channel to generate sales.

Boost up your social media presence

During self isolation, social media played a major role in the life of every individual. People are spending more time on their social media networks than ever before and the same will remain true in the coming times as well, as this mode keeps them aware of all the worldwide emergencies. Thus, proactive marketing strategies will play a key role for every brand, be it a startup or well established. It’s time to invest time and effort in making a strong image of your brand on social media. Develop a unique brand voice to engage with customers and strengthen customer relationships. Also, social media marketing is a great opportunity to drive sales.

Online ad spend could benefit from new shopping habits

For the next few months, we will witness consumers choosing shopping online over leaving the house. Shopping in markets could take hold as people will be more comfortable browsing and purchasing online for any category. Believing this trend, brands should start investing more Ad budgets on marketplaces or their own e-commerce platform would be a better deal.

It's hard to know precisely which strategy will count towards success, particularly when so much has been affected and consumer behavior isn’t functioning as usual. There are always going to be dips and recoveries, so the genuine concentration for any organization ought to be on how they can enable their industry to improve. Be creative and resourceful.

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