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Branding nowadays is much more than logos and imagery. It dives deep into a business' personality, and how it needs to be seen and experienced by individuals inner and outside to an association. Making and keeping up an incredible brand is an art. Other than being effectively perceived by present and potential customers, a brand provides employees with direction, conveys qualities and reason, and represents the sum of perceptions about a company. We’ve listed seven signs of a strong brand which work for personal branding, your side hustle, client projects and everything in between.

  • Clear: Your brand has a clear message and your ideal client understands and recognizes that message clearly.

  • Relevant: Your brand speaks directly to the current situation of your ideal client and their biggest struggles.

  • Distinct: Your brand is different from your competitors and it’s obvious that it’s the best fit for your ideal client.

  • Passionate: Your ideal client recognizes your visions, the values you believe in and what you stand for.

  • Credible: Your ideal client trusts your brand and believes in your values and that you’ll deliver what you promise.

  • Visible: Your ideal client sees you frequently because you show up in the right place consistently.

  • Consistent: Your ideal client can easily recognize your brand based on your consistent voice and visuals and what to expect from your brand.

So, does your company exhibit signs of a strong brand?

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