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Keeping strong, productive relationships with clients and co-workers can be challenging while working remotely.

Being successful as a remote worker, however, requires a specific skill set. So, define yourself what is needed to work remotely. It takes a particular mix of abilities and qualities to succeed on a remote team. The right mindset and skills you need more than just a desire to work from home.

  • Engaging: A dedicated conversation through email or Skype once in a day to manage the work tasks is essential. Establishing a simple protocol avoids confusion and misunderstandings. Moreover, all your interactions will be verbal or in writing when you work remotely, so make sure each interaction has an impact, is positive, and has a peppy tone in your voice.

  • Communicative: Step up in finishing assignments at whatever point conceivable and impart that you're doing as such with occasional update messages. React to email quickly. Many virtual work relationships fail due to inconsistent e-mail communication. Silence works quickly to destroy trust in a virtual colleague.

  • Transparency: Clarity and openness are equally important as the above written points. Direct and transparent communication builds trust.

  • Reliable: Most of the organisations are looking for dependable remote workers. Your punctuality, work ethics and commitment to work makes you reliable. A team member who is not reliable can do more damage than an external factor.

  • Self motivated: Stay positive, even if they’re not praising you every day! A self motivated person reaches to the goal easily than the other co workers.

Be responsible to ensure that you work your allotted hours with maximum productivity so you can make the most of your own time when the workday is finished. Keep focused for the duration of the day and take out interruptions or distractions that may drag out your workday. Make a concerted effort to develop these skills by setting up rules of engagement and establishing trust.

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