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With COVID-19 coming into the image, the Indian economy is experiencing a significant slowdown. The outbreak has introduced new problems for the Indian workforce and particularly for the daily wage and contractual workers. In the current situation, with all the retailers closing down their services, the jobs of the workers are at a gigantic risk.

The challenge is especially acute for small businesses, which represent an unbalanced portion of the vulnerable jobs. Small businesses are a recognized proving ground for entrepreneurs, a vibrant source of innovation, and an essential source of employment. They are suppliers and customers to the broader economy and deeply embedded in local communities. Thus, there’s a great need for individuals and organizations to come together to offer assistance to those in need. Here are a few ways to help small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

  • Volunteer and do the out-and-about – like shopping in your neighborhood rather than buying from a high-end brand store.

  • Amplify messages from small businesses with minimal effort and provide them with the most valuable advertising word-of-mouth.

  • Don’t negotiate, rather tip well.

  • If COVID-19 keeps an organization from providing the product or service you ordered, at every possible opportunity, pick a credit instead of a refund.

  • Shop at niche groceries to support local farms. Don’t forget to Check in with local artisans in your area.

  • Now’s the time to leave a positive review and personal testimonies at Google, Zomato, Facebook, etc.

  • Sometimes buying extra doesn’t cost you much. Try out!

In addition to state and central aid, small businesses need our support as well. More ought to be done to comprehend the underlying fragility of individual sectors and firms. Such small steps will be useful in seeing how to best help small businesses, their owners, and their employees through and after the COVID-19 crisis.

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