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Stories that connect

Visuals that deliver

Every story we tell, every brand we build, and every interaction we create must not only look beautiful but has to feel and function beautifully, too.


We’re an agency of creative minds that delivers creative solutions when it comes to marketing your brand.

Branding & Identity

At Sticky India, we value our clients’ creative identities, and offer solutions that sync with their strategic aspirations.

Print Collaterals

Our designs are not limited to digital screens. We can deliver designs for print media as well as for collaterals.

Web Designs

Our goal is to deliver an impactful, visually stunning web experience that elevates the online web presence of every brand we work with.

Digital Designs

Our creative designers are fully equipped to expand your digital footprint and advertising campaigns with dynamic media design.

Social Media

We help brands create their social media designs to elevate the audience response and conversion on the channels.



 Our social media strategies get your brand noticed, shared, talked about, liked and hearted, on social networks. We have the know-how to get you the results your brand requires.

Instagram Marketing

We craft beautiful and unique Instagram experiences and create the most engaging content for our clients.

Analytics & Reporting

We take extensive measures to make sure that you are provided with detailed insight regarding your campaigns.

Social Media Advertising

We plan, target, optimize, design and implement Instagram & Facebook advertising campaigns that drive traffic and sales.

Online Reputation Management

We not only improve your brand image online but also increase your credibility with potential customers by managing your online reviews.

Influencer Marketing

We ensure you work with the right people and do great things together.



We develop unique engaging brand content that builds awareness, garners a following and cultivates brand advocacy. 

Video Production

We write, shoot, and edit top-notch productions efficiently and effectively on a large or small scale.


At Sticky India, we shoot incredible imagery, and we keep the end-use in mind.


We offer a broad range of voice styles and quality to suit clients’ preferences.

Blog Writing

Sticky India prides itself on its ability to curate and create highly-engaging and effective blogs. 


Are you interested to work with us? We treat every project and every client unique. Reach out to us with any questions you may have about your project. We will respond as soon as possible 

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